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Seaguar Smackdown Braided Green

by Ned Kehde   |  October 28th, 2013 0

 Seaguar Smackdown Braided Line Green 150 yds 65 lbs 65S08G150

Midwest finesse anglers fret a lot about the lines and leaders that they spool onto their spinning reels. In fact, a debate occasional erupts among member of Finesse News Network about the various merits and detriments of braided, fluorocarbon and monofilament lines.

The Seaguar Division of Kureha America has introduced a new braided line for Midwest Finesse Anglers to test and debate about. It is called Seaguar Smackdown Braided Green.

The staff at Seaguar reports that it possesses a perfectly round profile that is  constructed from a combination of eight ultra-thin fibers.  Its round profile allows it to be reeled exceptionally smoothly and easily onto the spool of a spinning reel. What’s more, its high-density and micro-weave pattern enhances its tensile strength, knot strength, abrasion resistance, and sensitivity. It is embellish with a clear coating that prevents it from digging into the spool and aids casting.

The 10-pound-test Seaguar Smackdown Braided Green has the diameter on .005 inches, which is equivalent to two-pound-test monofilament line. And its 20-pound-test has the diameter of .007 inches and equal to the size of six-pound-test monofilament.

In sum, it exhibits the precision that many Japanese line manufacturers are known for.

It is a available in a green and a yellow hue. A 150-yard spool retails for $29.99.


Here’s hoping that finesse anglers who test  Seaguar Smackdown Braided Green will post their observati0ns in the comment section below this blog.




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