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More Midwest Finesse Ways at Table Rock Lake

by Ned Kehde   |  January 21st, 2014 0


Since the spring of 2011, David Reeves of Lansing, Kansas, has been been employing Midwest Finesse tactics at Table Rock Lake, Missouri.  In April of 2013, he spent some time creating a YouTube video, featuring how, when and where he fishes with a Z-Man’s Fishing Products’ 2 1/2-inch ZinkerZ that is affixed to  his homemade mushroom-style jig.

His tactics will work on other Ozark reservoirs, too.

Here’s the link to his video: .

For more information about Reeves’ Midwest finesse endeavors at Table Rock Lake, see this blog:

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Field Editor Ned Kehde has been writing for In-Fisherman since the 1980s. His recent finesse bass tactics and findings have been influential throughout the Midwest and beyond. He writes the online column Midwest Finesse for

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