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Saugeye 1

Saugeye Secrets: Ice versus Open Water

by In-Fisherman 0

Mid to late winter is the time of year when saugeyes, hybrid cross between walleyes and sauger, draw increased angling… more »


Structureless Thinking for Ice Walleyes

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Ice walleyes don’t always relate to structure. Even in a lake with hundreds of underwater humps, bumps, and bars, they’ll… more »

Ice Guide 1

Tactics for Tough Walleyes

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Compared to early-ice or late-ice, catching walleyes during midwinter tends to be a tad tougher. It’s hard saying why, though… more »


Winter River Walleye Strategies

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Midwinter is a time of rest in most environments. In the North Country — walleye country — lakes and reservoirs… more »


Patterns for Great Lakes Fall Walleyes

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As water temperatures cool, Great Lakes fall walleyes exhibit distinct inshore movements, following migratory baitfish like shad, ciscoes, and smelt… more »


Last Chance for Big, Thin Ice Walleyes

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Where I fish in northeastern South Dakota, late-ice runs from about mid-February until you can no longer safely get out…. more »

Winter Boating Tips

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Make sure your cranking and trolling motor batteries are fully charged and bring battery cables to jump your cranking battery… more »


Ice Fishing: No Bait Required

by In-Fisherman 0

Fifteen years ago, one of my hang-ups was trying to catch walleyes without using livebait. But a friend eventually taught… more »


Insider Electronics Scene: TFT on Ice

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Hey, ice anglers! There’s a new kid on the block, take a look. Thin Film Transistor (TFT) screens, because of… more »

WI 15/1 600% 2

Predicting Walleye Prespawn

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As spring approaches, rising water temperature is an important key in predicting walleye movement and location. In the southern states,… more »


Shore Walleyes Wader Invader

by In-Fisherman 0

In keeping with our foot patrol theme for spring shore walleyes, waders offer an easy and inexpensive alternative for fishing… more »


New Rules!: Traveling to Canada

by In-Fisherman 0

Nothing beats a fly-in fishing trip to the Canadian wild for pure angling pleasure, escape, quality time with family and… more »


A Shallow Spring Walleye Sunset Surprise

by In-Fisherman 0

Spring is a catalyst for change in the underwater world. Hordes of baitfish stack in the shallows in search of… more »

Live Bait 2

River Slips

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Rivers lend a helping hand to walleye anglers in the fact that they tend to have open water year around…. more »


Floating Jigs Under Ice: Hit ‘Em High And Low In Current Flow

by In-Fisherman 0

I was introduced to the use of floating jigheads for ice angling while fishing the mouth of the Thames River,… more »

TT Swimming

Swimming Strokes For Walleye Folks

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Swimming lures are designed with a baitfish profile — resembling a minnow, chub,¬†shiner, shad, or young-of-the-year panfish. The baitfish-profile concept… more »


Great Lakes Fall Walleyes: Out Of The Mouths Of Bays

by In-Fisherman 0

Going into the final quarter of the calendar year, the running of the Great Lakes fall walleyes is coming full… more »

Top Shore Spring Fishing Locations

by In-Fisherman 0

With spring fishing in the air, thoughts of early-season ‘eyes come to mind. Boat and tackle preparation is in full… more »

Slipping Spring Walleyes

by In-Fisherman 0

The ice has finally dissipated, bringing the lake back to a liquid form. The river is open once again. The… more »

Where For River Walleyes: Early Season River Tips

by In-Fisherman 0

Springtime is the perfect time to fish river walleyes, according to PWT pro and Championship qualifier Bob Hanson. “At this… more »

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