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6 Best Bass Fishing Techniques

by Matt Straw   |  May 17th, 2013 1

Bass tactics come-and-go faster than new generations of fruit flies. But which  tactics have won the most money over the past 5 years? I recently asked Kevin VanDam and Senior Editor Steve Quinn of In-Fisherman that very question. For the most part, their answers were the same. Here’s 6 best bass fishing techniques according to these two experts.


  • Alberto Munguia

    “TECHNIQUES”?… “TACTICS”?… forgive me if I am wrong, but I just saw six different LURES, since no explanation on how to fish them, or what to do with them was given, or when and where to use them, Isn’t “technique” quite a bit of a stretch?. Best colors?, recommended line?, propper season?, retrieve rate?, a brief note on those details would have been greatly appreciated. And no, I am not rude, but I think we all want to learn something from what we read here, and “My Fave Six Lures” is not exactly helpfull for us less experienced fishermen.

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