Lunker City has beefed up its 2 3/4-inch Grubster and created a 4 1/4-inch rendition, which might fit into the tackle repertoire of many Midwest finesse anglers who like to wield grub-style baits.

From its head to its tail, the 4 1/4-inch Grubster is encompassed with 33 rings. The rings are more pronounced in its slender tail section than they are on its rotund torso. The rings around its tail enhances it profile and augments the way the entire body moves. Its head is devoid of rings, and it is somewhat bulb shaped.

Its body is manufactured out of an unique plastic formula, which allows its tail to move provocatively at extremely slow-paced speeds.

The tip of its tail is graced with a boot, which provokes rhythmic undulations from its tail to its head.

According to the folks at Lunker City, it was designed as a swimbait, which can also adorn an Alabama or umbrella rig. When anglers utilize a swimming retrieve with the Grubster, it emulates the motif of a variety of small fish. Midwest finesse anglers can also employ a variety of other retrieves, such as the hop and bounce, drag and shake, or drag and deadstick, which can emulate the ways of various invertebrates such as crayfish or crane fly larva, and bottom-dwelling fish such as the goby.

When Midwest finesse anglers utilize the swimming retrieve, they can rig it on a Lunker City’s 1/16- and 1/8-ounce Fin-S Head jigs, and these jigs can be purchased with or without a twin-cable weed or hook guard. When finesse anglers are plying bottom contours and terrains, they can rig it on Gopher Tackle’s 1/16- and 3/32-ounce Mushroom Head Jigs.

At this moment, the 4 ¼-inch model is available in only four colors: Albino Shad, Alewife, Arkansas Shiner and Limetreuse, but many more colors are in the offing. For example, the 2 ¾-inch Grubster is made in 25 colors.

A package of six Lunker City 4 ¼-inch Grubsters sells for $6.99.



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