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Smallmouth Bass Videos


Keitech USA’s Little Spider

by Ned Kehde 0

Several years ago, Clyde Holscher and Steve Desch, who are veteran Midwest finesse anglers from Topeka, Kansas, were captivated by… more »


Fin-Tech Fishing Tackle’s Nuckle Ball “Jitt-R” Jig

by Ned Kehde 0

Fin-Tech Fishing Tackle’s 1/16- and 1/8-ounce Nuckle Ball “Jitt-R” Jigs are chatter-style baits for finesse anglers. The “Jitt-R” is embellished… more »


Riot Baits’ Urami Worm

by Ned Kehde 0

Matt Stark of Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey, who is the proprietor of Riot Baits, says the Urami Worm resembles a… more »


NetBait: A conversation with Justin Sward

by Ned Kehde 0

  The genesis of NetBait stretches back into the mid-1970s. Its conception was graced with an air of frugality when… more »


Damiki Fishing Tackle USA’s Finesse Miki

by Ned Kehde 0

Midwest finesse anglers always have an eye out for soft-plastic baits that they can affix to a small mushroom-style jig…. more »


Damiki’s Spoon Tail Miki

by Ned Kehde 0

  A Midwest finesse angler has periodically chastised us for failing to publish a gear guide about Damiki Fishing Tackle… more »


Trigger X’s Curl Tail Minnow and Boot Tail Minnow

by Ned Kehde 0

Trigger X’s Curl Tail Minnow and Boot Tail Minnow were designed for beguiling panfish. But there are times and waterways… more »


Z-Man’s Hula StickZ: an Update

by Ned Kehde 0

    On July 10, 2012, we penned 1,133 words about Z-Man Fishing Products’ Hula StickZ, which was designed by… more »


Midwest finesse fishing: a synopsis of 2014

by Ned Kehde 4

    The largemouth bass fishing in 2014 was the least bountiful year that I have experienced in northeastern Kansas… more »


VMC’s Spindrift Hook

by Ned Kehde 0

    VMC’s Spindrift Hook is a nightmare and headache preventer for the Midwest finesse anglers who like to affix… more »

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