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Smallmouth Bass Videos


Bass Assassin and Midwest Finesse Fishing

by Ned Kehde 0

Across the past quarter of a century, Terry Bivins of Lebo, Kansas, has played a significant role in the development… more »


Berkley Flicker Shad Pro Series Crankbaits

by Ned Kehde 0

Pure Fishing introduced its new Berkley Flicker Shad Pro Series Crankbaits to the angling world at the Bassmaster Classic in… more »


Berkley’s PowerBait Fight’n Bug

by Ned Kehde 2

Pure Fishing recently introduced Berkley’s 3 ½-inch PowerBait Fight’n Bug to the bass-fishing world. According to the folks at Berkley… more »


Damiki Fishing Tackle’s Air Craw

by Ned Kehde 0

Damiki Fishing Tackle introduced its Air Craw to bass anglers in the United States and Canada at the 2011 International… more »


Z-Man’s Fishing Products’ Finesse ShadZ; a discourse on its manifold merits

by Ned Kehde 8

  In the Midwest finesse anglers’ world, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits’ Shad Shape Worm was the precursor to the Z-Man… more »


Jerking for Deep Water Smallmouths

by Jonathan Lepera 0

Deep water smallmouths can be elusive and unpredictable, engaging in stealthy survival tactics that can frustrate the best anglers. But… more »


Bass fishing for trout in 2014

by Ned Kehde 1

Across the past several years, we have written intermittently about an odd piscatorial endeavor that northeastern Kansas and northwestern Missouri… more »


Solutions for Smallmouth Bass Jigs

by Matt Straw 0

This little jiggy falls too fast. This little jiggy falls too slow. And this little jiggy is just right. All… more »


4 1/4-inch Lunker City Grubster

by Ned Kehde 0

  Lunker City has beefed up its 2 3/4-inch Grubster and created a 4 1/4-inch rendition, which might fit into… more »


Z-Man Fishing Product’s MinnowZ has 10 New Colors

by Ned Kehde 2

  Z-Man Fishing Product’s MinnowZ has been a saltwater staple for a number of years. And its pearl, mud-minnow and… more »


Super Shallow Smallmouth Bass

by Jonathan Lepera 0

During late summer and early fall, one might reason that smallmouths on most waters would be in deeper areas feeding… more »


Midwest Finesse: Another Z-Man Saga From Canada

by Ned Kehde 0

Since 2011, we have been chronicling the piscatorial endeavors of a veteran Midwest finesse angler, who spends his late springs… more »


Best Winter Smallmouth Locations

by Matt Straw 0

Yellow pines, sycamores, Spanish moss, and open water beckon. If you’re in the Ice Belt, consider a trip to more… more »


The Wacky Jig Debate

by Ned Kehde 4

A wacky rig and wacky jig hasn’t played an important role in the repertoire of Midwest finesse anglers that ply… more »


Zoom Bait Company’s Fluke Stick

by Ned Kehde 0

Stickbaits are the keystone of Midwest finesse tactics. Thus, whenever a new one appears, it catches the eyes of a… more »


Midwest finesse fishing: October 2013

by Ned Kehde 2

During the first week of the October, some Midwest finesse anglers donned shorts and T-shirt while they plied the flatland… more »


DAMIKI Fishing Tackle: Pandla Jig Head and Anchovy Shad

by Ned Kehde 0

  Daniel Kim of Valencia, California, is the director of sales and marketing for DAMIKI Fishing Tackle, and in an Oct…. more »

KaiserJighead2-004-Khaki Red

DAMIKI Fishing Tackle’s Kaiser Jig 2

by Ned Kehde 0

Several Midwest finesse anglers have been keeping an eye on the new tackle wrinkles that DAMIKI Fishing Tackle have been… more »


The finesse ways of Andrew Upshaw

by Ned Kehde 0

  Across the years, we have written a lot of words about the finesse tactics that a few professional bass… more »


Z-Man goes to Canada

by Ned Kehde 2

Daniel Nussbaum of Ladson, South Carolina, is the executive vice president of Z-Man Fishing Products, and he has been a… more »

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