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Bass Largemouth Bass

Trailer Bass Jigs

by Jeff Simpson   |  January 31st, 2011 8

Doug Stange introduces us to some terrific largemouth bass jigs as trailer lures.

Bass Jigs

  • Cliff

    Outstanding! Learned something new…

  • Duane K.

    Great insight. In Fisherman is the best. Hands down.

  • Josh

    Mr. Stange, am I correct in assessing that the jig-tactics that this video's tenets pertain to are swim-jigging applications? It seems this methodology for embracing trailer selections is focused on horizontal, coverage oriented presentations as opposed to fishing the package as a drop-bait… or do you embrace jigs fished as drop-baits the same way?

    – Josh

  • Steven Douglas

    Doug i'm not much into bass fishing,have you tried it on walleyes?Do you that or a variation of it may work. Thanks Steve

  • fish guy

    love this video!

  • Larry J

    I've been seriously into this for three years now. I didn't fish a jig in the begining. now it is my favortie bait. I always fished chunks or craws as trailers, can't wait to try the swimbait

  • Dave Rice

    I use soft plastic swimbaits on bass and walleye with great results. I even catch rainbow trout on swimbaits drop shotting using Kietech swing impact swimbaits.
    Berkley flatback swimbaits are awsome too along with yum and berkley hollow belly swimbaits. I go to these baits first because I target the most agressive fish first and then finesse when the bite is slow. In fact Douge Stanges strategy using these baits are right on as I learned. I listened and learned by him how effective they were and had to try the techniques myself. The rigging of a swimbait sideways at first seems odd but you cannot argue with good results. It is how I fish my swimbaits 1/3 of the time. Almost any type jig with a swimbait will work. I experimaent all the time with this type of trailer and my average size fish are larger now. All my swimbaits are scented of some sort or another as I believe in doing everything in my power to keep a biting fish to hold on longer giving you more time to set the hook.

  • fishohio

    Most of you don't watch in fishermen tv shows. Doug has been fishing these baits for years and killing walleyes, bass, pike, muskies

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