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Catfish Videos


Blue Catfish Locations In The U.S.

by Rob Neumann 1

Big “blues” are found in rivers and reservoirs of the eastern, southeastern, and south-central regions of the U.S.  Blue catfish… more »


All About Catfish

by Rob Neumann 2

Catfish are among the most popular groups of fish with over 7 million catfish anglers nationwide. In a recent survey… more »


Catfish in Tailwater Areas

by Doug Stange with Ned Kehde 1

It’s no mystery why some of the best catfishing of the year often takes place in a tailwater area beginning… more »


Catfishing Boats of Today

by Dan Johnson 1

What makes the ultimate catfishing boat is in the eye of the beholder. Given the vast differences in waters and… more »

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One Cool Catfish Rig

by Kirk McKay 11

Selecting the right circle hook and catfish rig is critical when using livebait presentations to entice big flatheads. When used… more »

Prespawn Catfish Madness

Prespawn Catfish Madness

by In-Fisherman 0

Prespawn period catfish action is one of the most consistent and predictable bites of the season.

Circle Hook Catfish

Circle Hook Catfish

by In-Fisherman 0

The In-Fisherman staff features the use of circle hooks while fishing for catfish.


Channel Cats In Transition

by In-Fisherman 0

Captain Brad Durick and In-Fisherman Managing Editor Robert Neumann target channel catfish Postsummer in one of the world’s greatest catfishery.


South American Catfish Expedition

by Doug Clemmons 0

How do you tell someone about the trip of a lifetime, one that you can’t wait to begin again? Magical,… more »

Modern Day Tactics For Blue Catfish

Modern Day Tactics For Blue Catfish

by In-Fisherman 0

Capt. Phil King and Managing Editor Rob Neumann go deep and vertical for giant blue catfish.

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