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Catfish Bait Matching

by Ned Kehde 0

Many hardcore reservoir catmen probably wonĘĽt read this article.  This “match-the-hatch” stuff goes against the grain of those folks. They… more »

Frank Van Winkle:  “Main channel structures hold flatheads during normal water levels, while shoreline cover is a better option during high water.”

Big River Catfish

by Steve Hoffman with Don Wirth 0

River catfish location and behavior varies little from one river system to the next. Factors like weather, water levels, and… more »


Finding and Catching Reservoir Catfish

by Greg Schwipps 0

Anyone who has read about catfish knows about Santee-Cooper. And what they say is true; it is a place every… more »


Unorthodox Tactics for Reservoir Catfish

by Ned Kehde 0

In the dawning of this millennium, the folks who regularly pursue catfish often are the most inflexible, rear-guard anglers around…. more »

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Flathead Catfish Day Phases

by Steve Hoffman and Doug Stange 0

In-Fisherman Editor In Chief Doug Stange: “Presentation is important, but only after you’ve solved the location puzzle. Understanding the flathead… more »


Flathead Catfish Locations

by Larry Cofer 0

Somewhere between their deep, silted winter holes and their shallow, summer spawning cavities, thousands of surly flatheads are right now… more »


Flathead Catfish Bait Options

by Dan Anderson 0

If you were to cater a gourmet meal for a convention of flathead catfish, the menu might center around a… more »


Top Spots For Channel Catfish

by Doug Stange 0

Lake and Reservoir Bridges We’ve spent the better part of 20 years telling you to stay away from river bridges because… more »


Catfish Shore Habitat

by Stan Warren 0

Forget the heavy tackle and deep water and try a different approach for a change. You might be surprised how… more »


Fishing Man Made Structures for Catfish

by Steve Hoffman 0

  Big River Habitat Big rivers are far different today than they were when the first settlers arrived. Flood plains… more »


Transition Blue Catfish in Rivers

by Don Wirth with Phil King and Jim Moyer 0

Don Wirth: Let’s talk about the period from early April through early June, when a great many anglers nationwide will… more »


Select Strategies for Reservoir Blue Catfish

by Ned Kehde 0

Lake Whitney One of Jerry Martin’s favorite central Texas lakes is 56-year-old Lake Whitney. The water in the lower two-thirds… more »


Bullheads in Your Backyard

by Quinton Phelps, Matt Ward and Dave Willis 0

Should we consider bullheads as members of the panfish party? Most panfish anglers chasing bluegills, crappies, and perch would at… more »


Small Water Catfish

by Dan Anderson 0

Catfish anglers are preoccupied with size. Not only do we want the biggest catfish ­possible, we assume we must fish… more »


Flathead Catfish Movements

by Jeff Kutcha 0

In the southwest corner of Michigan sits a small but significant north-country stream. The St. Joseph River, a turbid Lake… more »


Catfish Habitats

by Dr. Hal Schramm 0

Successful catfish anglers know habitat is important. But too often anglers think about habitat only in terms of where adult… more »


Key Catfish Knots

by Cory Schmidt 0

The proper knots, and the care to craft them well, are often lost in the wash of each new fishing… more »


The Catfish Tackle Bag

by Rob Neumann 1

Scratch the surface and you’re likely to get fingernails full of dried river mud and cutbait ooze. Look inside the… more »


Fishing Anchor Designs

by Rob Neumann 0

“Drop ’er here. Lotsa cats in this hole.” “Aye, Skip.” Thawump-kerplash—the rusty manhole cover hit the water with the authority… more »


Catfishing Boats

by Don Wirth 0

That last catfish outing sealed the deal. You parked your car near the dam and trudged down 482 concrete steps… more »

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