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Catfish Hooks for Every Season

by Doug Stange 1

That moment when line comes taut and hook snaps forward to split lip and bone, sending the mighty whiskered quarry… more »


Flathead Catfish Locations and Tactics

by Steve Quinn 0

The size and strength of flathead catfish have inspired tales both tall and true. Expanding populations have spawned a new… more »


Channel Catfish: America’s Most Popular Cat

by In-Fisherman 0

So we know the channel cat is a willing sort, too, a fish that likes to bite, therefore its loyal… more »


Blue Catfish Principal Patterns

by Keith Sutton 0

Blue catfish bewilder many anglers. Their activities differ considerably from those of their whiskered brethren. In many situations, blue cats… more »

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European Catfish Rigs

by Keith Lambert 0

My experience with North American catfish species is limited to the Kansas River where I managed to land a few… more »


Catfish Drift Rigging: Drifting for Catfish

by Doug Stange 0

The problem most catfish anglers have with the pronouncement that it’s effective to move along in a boat with baits… more »


Dipbaits for Blue Catfish

by Steve Hoffman 0

Many catmen know that dipbaits can during certain seasons be a good option for channel cats. But, evidence suggests, dips… more »


The Best Catfish Rigs For The Right Situations

by Steve Hoffman 0

Catfish are simple creatures. Catching them is simply a matter of putting a good bait in the right place at… more »


Catfish Senses and Sensibilities

by Steve Quinn 0

Catfish inhabit tidal rivers of the Atlantic coast through the crystal streams of the Ozarks to the murkiest reservoirs of… more »


Three Way Rigs for Catfish

by In-Fisherman 0

Three-way rigs catch fish in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs; along structure and in open water; and now more than ever… more »


Catfish Spinner Rigs

by Dave Csanda with Steve Hoffman 0

Most catfish anglers know that catfish possess smell and taste senses far more powerful than most other freshwater species, but… more »


Classic Catfish Rigs

by Doug Stange 0

The simplicity associated with catfishing may be the most compelling reason for its popularity. Doesn’t take much of anything tacklewise… more »


Ice Out Channel Catfish

by Doug Stange 0

Just curious, that’s all. And in a real hankering mood for a meal of fresh catfish after several months of… more »


Amazing Catfish Cleaning Method

by In-Fisherman 1

Corinth, Mississippi catfish guide Phil King is known for his catches of humongous Tennessee River cats. Here’s King’s award-winning step-by-step… more »


Catfish Gear Basics

by Steve Hoffman 0

E-mail, as many of you have discovered by now, can be a wonderful thing. I use it to assign and… more »


All About Cutbait for Catfish

by In-Fisherman Online Staff 0

Fly fishermen and bass anglers talk at length about the subtle differences between the flies and lures they carry. They… more »


Catfish Care for Better Taste

by Doug Stange 0

I have no favorite catfish species, whether in the catching or in the eating. Just as each species is unique… more »


Catfish Gumbo

by Chef Lucia Watson 0

A catfish gumbo is one of the simplest and most satisfying ways to prepare fish—enough to warm the heart after… more »


Perspectives On Commercial Catfish Baits

by In-Fisherman 0

Perhaps no other aspect of catfishing is debated so fiercely or so often as bait. We’ve often said that most… more »


Livebait Tactics for Blue Catfish

by Steve Hoffman 0

Our friend Bruce Midkiff became something of a celebrity among catfish anglers when he caught a 104-pound blue catfish from… more »

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