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Catching Catfish From Shore

by Dan Anderson 0

Anglers who fish from shore sometimes get an inferiority complex. No matter how many or how big the catfish they… more »

How To Catch Catfish In Weeds

How To Catch Catfish In Weeds

by Steve Ryan 0

Fish like edges. Channel catfish are no exception. They like both outside and inside weededges. These edges provide cover, food,… more »


Seven Favorite Catfish Bait

by Steve Ryan 0

Baitfish Options for Cats Catfish anglers across the country each have their favorite baits. Go-to baits are either coveted or… more »


Catfish Maps

by Cory Schmidt 0

There’s something exciting about running uncharted stretches of my home river. You never see a lot of boats out there…. more »

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European Baits For Catfish

by Cory Schmidt 1

If catching cats means fishing with stuff that’s dead, stinky, or goopy, it’s news to a new breed of catfish… more »


Best Fishing Line for Catfish

by Dan Johnson 0

Of all the ways to boost your chances of catching catfish by the carload, few are as easy, affordable, and… more »


Chunking And Dipping for Catfish

by Dan Johnson 0

A variety of natural baits including catalpa worms, guts, nightcrawlers, and cutbait catch catfish. So do absolutely vile-smelling, home-brewed stinkbaits… more »

The Best Told Mistakes of Every Catman

The Best Told Mistakes of Every Catman

by Doug Stange 0

Historical Perspective Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and many smaller cities. Editor In Chief Doug Stange traveled widely during… more »

Moving Baits For Catfish

by Dan Anderson 0

When I was a young catfisherman in my 20s, my dad consistently outfished me  2 to 1, fishing side-by-side, using… more »

Stocking Catfish

by Dr. Hal Schramm 0

The Bad & The Good, Then & Now Catfish, for better and for worse, have been spread widely throughout North… more »

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