Ten years in the making, many scientists and anglers believe Berkley’s new PowerDip Catfish Bait may be one of the most potent dip baits ever made.
The new catfish bait concoction is said to be near perfection to a catfish’s senses. It’s also incredibly sticky (even in extremely hot conditions and fast current) so it stays on the dipworm longer. Available in Cheese and Blood and pairs perfectly with another new addition to the Berkley catfish lineup, the DipWorm.

Amazing New PowerDip Catfish Bait!The DipWorm, which features unique tube
 attachments and ribs, is designed to hold dipbait for long periods of time. Equipped with sharp, 2X-strong treble hooks, the worm is pre-rigged with abrasion-resistant 20-pound Trilene Big Game line.

According to In-Fisherman TV host and catfish pioneer Doug Stange, “I’ve fished most of the great dip baits on the market over the years. I also know how much energy, testing, and science went into producing the new Berkley Power Dip. It’s an absolute winner. Handy, economical, and, most importantly super productive.”

Check out this online exclusive video of Stange in the field, in action, testing the new bait and worm combo.


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