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Blue Catfish Locations In The U.S.

by Rob Neumann 1

Big “blues” are found in rivers and reservoirs of the eastern, southeastern, and south-central regions of the U.S.  Blue catfish… more »


All About Catfish

by Rob Neumann 2

Catfish are among the most popular groups of fish with over 7 million catfish anglers nationwide. In a recent survey… more »

Modern Day Tactics For Blue Catfish

Modern Day Tactics For Blue Catfish

by In-Fisherman 0

Capt. Phil King and Managing Editor Rob Neumann go deep and vertical for giant blue catfish.


Pickwick Reservoir Blue Catfish

by Doug Stange 0

Pickwick Reservoir, Tennessee/Alabama, Blue Catfish Pickwick is but one of the Tennessee River impoundments flowing from Alabama into Tennessee and… more »


The Secret Lives of Reservoir Blue Catfish

by Dan Anderson 3

A number of studies using biotelemetry over the past decade have significantly improved scientific knowledge about the seasonal and daily… more »


Transition Blue Catfish in Rivers

by Don Wirth with Phil King and Jim Moyer 0

Don Wirth: Let’s talk about the period from early April through early June, when a great many anglers nationwide will… more »


Select Strategies for Reservoir Blue Catfish

by Ned Kehde 0

Lake Whitney One of Jerry Martin’s favorite central Texas lakes is 56-year-old Lake Whitney. The water in the lower two-thirds… more »


Catfish Habitats

by Dr. Hal Schramm 0

Successful catfish anglers know habitat is important. But too often anglers think about habitat only in terms of where adult… more »


The Means To Mighty River Blue Catfish

by Don Wirth with Jim Moyer 0

Moyer on Blue-Cat Fishing The major rivers of the central U.S. have always been premium venues for giant river blue… more »


Blue Catfish Seasons

by Jim Moyer as told to Don Wirth 0

Blue Catfish Seasons January Surface temperatures are typically around 36°F to 38°F—prime conditions for giant blue cats. I focus on… more »

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