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Blue Catfish Principal Patterns

by Keith Sutton 0

Blue catfish bewilder many anglers. Their activities differ considerably from those of their whiskered brethren. In many situations, blue cats… more »


Catfish Drift Rigging: Drifting for Catfish

by Doug Stange 0

The problem most catfish anglers have with the pronouncement that it’s effective to move along in a boat with baits… more »


Dipbaits for Blue Catfish

by Steve Hoffman 0

Many catmen know that dipbaits can during certain seasons be a good option for channel cats. But, evidence suggests, dips… more »


Livebait Tactics for Blue Catfish

by Steve Hoffman 0

Our friend Bruce Midkiff became something of a celebrity among catfish anglers when he caught a 104-pound blue catfish from… more »


Blue Catfish Near River Sand Dunes

by Cory Schmidt 0

The desert is an ever-changing landscape—a relentless ebb and flow that dares living things to exist. In deserts such as… more »


Catfish Bait Preservation Tricks and Tips

by Dan Anderson 0

Fresh, natural baits often are the best catfish baits, but they can be difficult to keep fresh for extended periods…. more »


Top Tactics for Big River Blue Catfish

by Rob Neumann 0

Catfish anglers at the top of their game understand seasonal fish location and how fish respond to changing water conditions…. more »


How To Fish For Catfish

by Rob Neumann 0

Catfish are among the most popular groups of fish with over 7 million catfish anglers nationwide. In a recent survey… more »


Coldwater Blue Catfish

by In-Fisherman 2

Veteran catmen know that blue catfish, more than channel catfish or flathead catfsih, are creatures of big rivers and impoundments…. more »


Impounded River Blue Catfish

by In-Fisherman 0

During winter and early spring, big blue catfish run the river channel, feeding along the channel ledges. They rarely move… more »


Blue Catfish, Baitfish and Mussels

by Dr. Rob Neumann 0

I’ve tried baiting with mussels on the Tennessee River. I’ve used fresh mussels and even scooped up some of the… more »


Blue Catfish Galore At 100 Feet Or More

by Ned Kehde 0

Years ago, no catfish angler worried about fishing in 114 feet of water. Probing depths of 100 feet or more… more »


Blue Catfish On The Tidal Flats

by Jim Gronaw 2

  “I hope we can get up in here and get a few fish before the tide goes out,” said… more »


Dropping the Bomb on Blue Catfish

by Cory Schmidt 6

  What for many decades was an imprecise, sometimes random quest for catfish has, for the finest anglers, evolved into… more »


Blue Catfish Management Open House

by Jeff Simpson 0

Missouri Dept. of Conservation To Host Blue Catfish-Management Open House Anglers can bring questions and advice about blue-catfish regulations to… more »

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