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Not Too Early for Big River Channel Catfish

by Dan Anderson 0

There are lots of reasons to target river channel catfish on our nation’s large rivers in early spring. Start with… more »

Channel Catfish Length To Weight Conversion Chart

Channel Catfish Weight Conversion Chart

by Dr. Rob Neumann 0

Several methods are available to estimate the weight of a fish. Some use length as well as girth measurements. Weight… more »

How To Catch Catfish In Weeds

How To Catch Catfish In Weeds

by Steve Ryan 0

Fish like edges. Channel catfish are no exception. They like both outside and inside weededges. These edges provide cover, food,… more »


All About Catfish

by Rob Neumann 2

Catfish are among the most popular groups of fish with over 7 million catfish anglers nationwide. In a recent survey… more »


Fall Channel Catfish Tactics

by Steve Ryan 1

With so many good bites happening during fall, channel catfish can be overlooked. During this period, they move from shallow… more »


Trolling Channel Catfish For Trophies

by Cory Schmidt 0

You have to wonder if there’s something in the water. Perhaps the fertile prairie farmland? Or could it be healthy… more »


Channel Catfish In Streams

by Rob Neumann 0

The connectedness of streams and rivers and the channel catfish’s remarkable ability to move long distances are what make some… more »


Homegrown Catfish Pond

by Steve Ryan 1

Channel catfish are among the most popular fish across the country. They fight hard, grow big, and are as tasty… more »


10 Best Channel Catfish Locations In The U.S.

by Dan Anderson 0

Channel Catfish Locations  


Top Spots For Channel Catfish

by Doug Stange 0

Lake and Reservoir Bridges We’ve spent the better part of 20 years telling you to stay away from river bridges because… more »

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