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All About Catfish

by Rob Neumann 2

Catfish are among the most popular groups of fish with over 7 million catfish anglers nationwide. In a recent survey… more »


One Cool Catfish Rig

by Kirk McKay 11

Selecting the right circle hook and catfish rig is critical when using livebait presentations to entice big flatheads. When used… more »

Good Vibration Flatheads!

Good Vibration Flatheads!

by In-Fisherman 0

Healthy, big and bold livebait can be the key to flatheads.


Flathead Catfish Locations In The U.S.

by Cory Schmidt 1

  Here are some of the best flathead catfish locations to consider in the United States. Flathead Catfish Locations


Tactical Tailwater Flathead Catfish

by Brian Ruzzo 0

Current is key for Catching ¬†tailwater flathead catfish in dams. At first glance it might appear that the raging water… more »


Flathead Catfish Locations

by Larry Cofer 0

Somewhere between their deep, silted winter holes and their shallow, summer spawning cavities, thousands of surly flatheads are right now… more »


Flathead Catfish Bait Options

by Dan Anderson 0

If you were to cater a gourmet meal for a convention of flathead catfish, the menu might center around a… more »


Flathead Catfish Movements

by Jeff Kutcha 0

In the southwest corner of Michigan sits a small but significant north-country stream. The St. Joseph River, a turbid Lake… more »


Catfish Habitats

by Dr. Hal Schramm 0

Successful catfish anglers know habitat is important. But too often anglers think about habitat only in terms of where adult… more »


Patterning River Flathead Catfish

by Cory Schmidt 0

Like those rare catmen with the gift, ¬≠Dennis Steele owns that primal feel for the river. While scouting a new… more »

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