In-FishermanThe annual Sportsman Choice Awards celebrate excellence in outdoor programming. The awards are unique because fans and viewers select the winners.

In-Fisherman has a long-standing commitment to offering exceptional programming, as In-Fisherman magazine staff members travel North America to bring you action, education, and entertainment. Each show promises three different fish species, from three different parts of North America. Help In-Fisherman defend their title as “Best Fishing Show.”

In total, In-Fisherman is nominated in three Sportsman Choice Awards categories. VOTE HERE for those categories:

Best Fishing Show

Best Educational/Instructional Show

• Best Host: Doug Stange

In-Fisherman staff members—Doug Stange, Steve Quinn, Jeff Simpson, Rob Neumann, and Steve Hoffman—appreciate your support for the world’s most widely read (and watched) multispecies fishing magazine.

In-Fisherman plays four times weekly, beginning with a Sunday showing at 9:30 am eastern on The Sportsman Channel.

This is your opportunity to be heard—and, as part of your vote you are entered to win one of four $250 gift cards from your favorite retailer of your choice!


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