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Damiki’s Finesse Miki

by Ned Kehde 0

Midwest finesse anglers always have an eye out for soft-plastic baits that they can affix to a small mushroom-style jig…. more »


Thermacell ProFLEX Heated Insoles

by Jeff Simpson 0

  Thermacell ProFLEX Heated Insoles foot warmers are the newest addition to the Thermacell line. Designed to make any cold… more »


Quality Low Cost Rods

by Dan Johnson 0

Few pieces of tackle affect fishing techniques and success as much as rods. Strategies such as flipping, drop-shotting, jigging, and… more »


Dimiki’s Spoon Tail Miki

by Ned Kehde 0

  A Midwest finesse angler has periodically chastised us for failing to publish a gear guide about Dimiki Fishing Tackle… more »


Catfishing Boats of Today

by Dan Johnson 0

What makes the ultimate catfishing boat is in the eye of the beholder. Given the vast differences in waters and… more »


Trigger X’s Curl Tail Minnow and Boot Tail Minnow

by Ned Kehde 0

Trigger X’s Curl Tail Minnow and Boot Tail Minnow were designed for beguiling panfish. But there are times and waterways… more »


Best Baitcasting Reel Picks

by Jim Edlund 0

Not long ago, round reels dominated the baitcasting reel scene. Classics come to mind—Abu Garcia’s Swedish-designed Ambassadeur, first introduced in… more »


Best Fish Fillet Knives

by Dan Johnson 0

In-Fisherman has long promoted the practice of Selective Harvest, which encompasses the practice of keeping some fish selectively as a… more »


Midwest finesse fishing and rattles

by Ned Kehde 0

Mike Poe of Siler City, North Carolina, is a veteran Finesse News Network contributor, and he recently reported that his… more »


Z-Man’s Hula StickZ: an Update

by Ned Kehde 0

    On July 10, 2012, we penned 1,133 words about Z-Man Fishing Products’ Hula StickZ, which was designed by… more »


Kayak Fishing

by Steve Ryan 0

Not long ago, kayaks floated far from the mainstream fishing scene. But today they’re the fastest growing segment in angling… more »


VMC’s Spindrift Hook

by Ned Kehde 0

    VMC’s Spindrift Hook is a nightmare and headache preventer for the Midwest finesse anglers who like to affix… more »


How To Make An Alabama Rig

by Dr. Rob Neumann 1

Ever since Paul Elias schooled the field at the 2011 FLW Tour Open bass event at Lake Guntersville, the Alabama… more »


Great Fishing Rods

by Cory Schmidt 0

Angling entrepreneurs Bob and Bill Johnson were so enthralled with their home along the St. Croix River that they named… more »


Ice Fishing Deep Perch

by Dan Johnson 1

Portly yellow perch fuel our hardwater dreams. But fish pushing two pounds are as real as you and me. Catching… more »


Ice Fishing Electronics

by Cory Schmidt 0

This past winter, a pair of new tools offered exciting glimpses of the world beneath the ice. Wireless (WiFi) underwater… more »


YUM’s Swurm

by Ned Kehde 0

YUM’s new 4 3/4-inch YUM Swurm has caught the eyes of several Midwest finesse anglers. In these anglers’ eyes, it… more »


YUM’s Kill Shot

by Ned Kehde 0

  The Kill Shot is one of the three new soft-plastic finesse baits that YUM has created recently. And it… more »


Z-Man Fishing Products’ Slim SwimZ

by Ned Kehde 4

Z-Man Fishing Products’ Slim SwimZ has caught the eyes of a number of Midwest finesse anglers in Kansas, Missouri, and… more »


YUM’s Sharp Shooter

by Ned Kehde 0

  Since mid-summer, one angler on the Finesse News Network has been eager to affix YUM’s new Sharp Shooter onto… more »

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