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Top Kids Fishing Tackle Today

by Dan Johnson   |  March 25th, 2014 1

Kids Fishing Tackle Encouraging youth fishing entails outfitting them with good kids fishing tackle and gear. Low-quality tackle that performs poorly or is difficult to use will only discourage them from hitting the water. Fortunately, the fishing world is flush with fine products perfect for furthering young anglers’ careers. From rods and reels to tackle storage, eyewear, and electronics, you’ll find items of interest to up-and-comers of all ages.

Along with helping kids catch more fish and have more fun, buying them their own gear fuels a sense of ownership in their fishing success. Rather than borrowing someone else’s equipment, being able to care for and bring to the water their personal fishing arsenal is priceless. With that in mind, we offer a selection of top gear for young guns. Some of it is designed specifically for youths, while other ageless items fit the youth market nicely on their own.


  • john cambis

    I am surprised at the lack of research in a topic that many of us struggle with. I have spent considerable time trying to find good setups for kids and most of it is junk. I have not bothered with the latest version of the shakespeare products as the first versions were so bad that i dealt with. My son is currently fishing with a daiwa advantage 2000 spinning reel on a st croix legend 7′ ML rod. I just got tired of dealing with the junk. I went as far as getting the daiwa silvercast reel and that was garbage as well. The one product that i did not see on the list that i feel might be worth the attention is the new gear from 13 fishing, I have not tested it out as he is using the good gear that i have and i no longer have to worry about fighting the gear and working on fishing technique.

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