Angling entrepreneurs Bob and Bill Johnson were so enthralled with their home along the St. Croix River that they named their fledgling rod company after the Wisconsin-Minnesota border water in 1948. Sixty-five years later, the close-knit organization lies in the capable hands of the Schleuter brothers. It’s only right that the base for St. Croix Rods lies a few casts from another famed river, the Flambeau.

It seems we do our clearest thinking—and dream up innovative, often extreme ideas—while near the water. If you study the levels of creativity, artistry, and imagination currently entering the rod-building equation, you might be hard pressed to think of a better explanation for the extraordinary fishing wands we wield today.

Of course, new technology or novel cosmetics often produce loftier price tags. But with best fishing rods, as with sportscars, you often get what you pay for. These select rods represent angling artistry—visually stunning, but more importantly, efficient and functional in new and often extreme ways.

More Superlative Technique Rods
BASS >frog • St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass 7-foot 4-inch (TVC74HF) ( • Daiwa Steez Frog Rod 7-foot 4-inch (SVF-HDB) (

BASS >Umbrella Rig • Cashion Umbrella Rig Casting 7-foot 11-inch (S956711u) ( • iRod Genesis II 7-foot 10-inch Bama Rig Special ((IRG7104AB-H) (

BASS >Punch • St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Punchin’ 7-foot 9-inch (TBC79MF) ( • Powell Max TW Punch Rod 8-foot (

BASS >Mag Crankbait • Fenwick Aetos 7-foot 4-inch (A741MHFC) ( • Lew’s David Fritts Speed Stick (DF70MHC) ( • CastAway Skeleton DD22 Special 7-foot 10-inch (SKXMHC710) (

BASS >Drop Shot/Finesse • Quantum Tour Tactical Spinning 6-foot 9-inch ( • Fenwick Elite Tech Smallmouth 6-foot 9-inch (ESMS69ML-F) ( • Edge Rods Bass Drop Shot 6-foot 10-inch (6100-1(HM)-Spin) (

WALLEYE >Rigging/Jigging • Wright & McGill Tony Roach Micro Honeycomb 6-foot 8-inch (WMTRW68ML) ( • St. Croix Legend Tournament Walleye Jig-N-Rig 6-foot 6-inch (LTWS66MLF) ( • Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Rigging 7-foot 2-inch (EWS72M-F) (

WALLEYE >Trolling • Daiwa DXW Trolling Rod 7-foot 6-inch (DXW76TMHFB) ( • Wright & McGill Tony Roach Micro Honeycomb 8-foot 6-inch (WMTRW86C1T) ( • St. Croix Eyecon Trolling 8-foot (ECT80MM2) (

PANFISH • St. Croix Panfish Series ( • B’n’M Poles IM7 Crappie Wizar ( • B’n’M Poles Sam Heaton Super Sensitive ( • Berkley C-Series Crappie Rod (

TROUT • G. Loomis GL2 Trout Jig Series ( • St. Croix Trout Series (

PIKE/MUSKIE • Fenwick Elite Tech Muskie ( • St. Croix Legend Tournament Musky ( • St. Croix Mojo Musky ( • G. Loomis Muskie Rods ( • Musky Mayhem Avaio Series (

CATFISH • Rippin Lips Super Cat Series ( • Team Catfish Thunder Cat ( • Team Catfish iCat ( • Tangling With Catfish Extender ( • Tangling With Catfish Extreme (

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