Fishing Gear For WomenNot long ago fishing gear for women was either men’s gear splashed with a bit of pink, or haphazardly downsized without proper thought to factors like fit and function. But as the ranks of female anglers have grown, more manufacturers have taken notice. As a result, we’ve seen a steady stream of improved gear worthy of serious consideration. From rod-and-reel combos to top-shelf fishing apparel, great strides have been made in fishing gear for women anglers.

It’s about time, too. This rising segment of the fishing population deserves items that engender better catches and more fun on the water every bit as much as their male counterparts. In honor of this trend, we offer a look at top products from across the spectrum of categories. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or outfitting a significant other, consider it your personal guide to great fishing gear for women.

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