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Top 6 Ice Fishing Sonars

by Cory Schmidt   |  December 7th, 2015 10

Ice Fishing Electronics

Humminbird Flashers

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The ICE 35 ice fishing flasher features a large 3-color fiber optic display. Dual beam transducer and a powerful 800 watts of peak-to-peak power make it a trusted companion at a great value. The ICE 45 ice fishing flasher uses 3-color fiber optic flasher with a center dial LCD display that icludes digital depth and allows the flasher to automatically adjust the depth scale, eliminating the guesswork and estimation of depth scale overlays. The ICE 55 ice fishing flasher has a 6-color, industry-best fiber-optic flasher display that gives greater distinction between targets in the beam. It also features an extreme temperature LCD with digital depth and automatic depth scale. Its unique purple target line allows fishermen to set a visual indicator at a specific depth to know exactly how far to lower their jig.


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