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Potential MN State Record Burbot Caught on Lake of the Woods

by Jeff Simpson   |  February 29th, 2012 5

Burbot, also often reffered to as eelpout, are not a very respected fish and are often times coined as an ‘ugly’ fish, the “ish” of fish. Some people do not dare to touch the slimy fish because of its tendency to try to wrap around an object as a snake would. Not an avid fisherman like Aaron Guthrie of Bemidji, though. Aaron often travels to Lake of the Woods targeting the burbot he loved to eat.
Aaron Guthrie spent the day fishing Lake of the Woods near long point for his share of walleye and sauger with family members. As evening approached they switched gears, adding minnows to their lures to target some ‘pout’. Guthrie was fishing 34 feet of water when he landed a monstrous burbott. ”It’s a once-in-a-lifetime ‘pout” Guthrie had to say about the 19.54 lb trophy. Clearly finding his catch a thing of beauty.

Dennis Topp, assistant area fisheries supervisor in Lake of the Woods County, was the DNR officer to watch the trophy hit the scale and help Guthrie begin the certification process. “It’s kind of a big deal!” Topp said with enthusiasm. He had also certified the previous state record eelpout that measured in at 19lbs 3oz and was also caught on Lake of the Woods.
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  • Mike

    Wow thats a beauty of a fish, congrats

    • Capt. Jay Grant

      My friend,Jean Paul Metz,a phd Biologist in france sent me this article. He states that Burbot may be the best eating fresh water fish there is. Thats what European nobility claimed

      • Chris

        They are good eating. Have eaten them many times. Not this big of course but They are mighty tasty.

  • Mark

    I've heard they are good eating also, but they have to be eaten fresh as they don't freeze well.

  • David

    What a monster poor man's lobster!

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