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Top 6 Ice Fishing Electronics

by Cory Schmidt   |  December 7th, 2011 10

Ice Fishing Electronics

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MarCum Technologies

MarCum Technologies: The LX-7’s 8-inch screen has an 800 x 600 pixel color LCD view. User-customized windows include a flasher dial, a vertical zoom option, and a graph display. Sonar Footprint Technology provides bottom coverage with either 8- or 20-degree transducer cones. True-Time sonar response displays targets less than 2 milliseconds after the signals reach the transducer. A Dynamic Depth feature provides high-resolution 1/2-inch target separation. Six color palettes are available and it has a 12-volt 9-amp battery plus charger, a snow-shield faceplate, and a padded softcase—


  • Ron Davis

    Noticed the showdown wasn't on here. Last year I talked to the people at Franks great outdoors in Linwood, Mich. and the people at Jays sporting goods in Clare, Mich. and they had nothing good to say about the showdown and that makes me wonder why? Any idea?

  • Fritz Gutchess

    I'm not surprised the ShowDown didn't make the list. I bought the 5.6 two years ago and had problem after problem with it. It is a great concept, but I think they need a few more years of R & D to work the flaws out. The unit I had ended up back at the factory three times within the first six weeks I had it, finally the manufacturer traded me even up for the MarCum LX-5. The LX-5 has performed beautifully and I couldn't be happier.

  • JimmyD

    First off, look at who said a Showdown was good….Frank's, Jay's…those guys make $7.75/hr for a reason.

  • Jeff V

    Marcum bought the co,that made the showdown.I bought a troller this year(new and improved) Am I going to like this thing,will it be dependable, how's it going to perform? I know outdoor shows praise products,but they also are sponsered by these products! I'm going to try it right now,I'll report back with any bad news.I really need to use it side by side with a vex,humming,marcum ect, to form an opinion.

  • Jeff V

    I went out and tested my troller(showdown) the depth display seemed to be about 1ft off.I could see my lure and weight ,I never saw a fish,but I never got a bite either! I had to lift off bottom about a ft to see lure and wt, I could only fish(test) in2-7 ft of water.The ice was just too thin to move around,so my test didn't answer all my questions .I do need to try it out in different depths,with fish and next a vexlar ect,But we need ICE here in Michigan! 1-17 -12/50 deg,

    • guest

      Hi Jeff
      I see your post is about a year old, however I wanted to say that I purchased two Ice Trollers, they both worked great, unfortunately they upgraded to the 2.0 version this year, I was a little ticked since mine were only a season old, I contacted them through the website and was told to bring them in, so I did and received a free upgrade to version 2.0, next issue I had was the screen depth began to jump around, for example, I would be in 20 fow and the screen would begin to say 51 then 47 then 30 finally back to 20, soon both units were doing this, so I emailed and had to take them in again, they said they had never heard of their units doing this, long story short, it was the transducers, they replaced both at no cost…both appear to be working fine now, NOI Is great and so is SENS, I especially like the zoom mode and use 10ft on one and 5 foot on the other side by side, for the money they are well worth it

  • Guest

    Marcum should have spent more time on the LX-7 R & D, the list of unit issues is growing by leaps and bounds, faulty depth readings, program Glitches, complaints of poor electrical connections, factory damaged screens and the list goes on and on ! For $699.99 price tag they could have done a lot better with the finished product, the number of fishermen returning these units and demanding refunds is growing daily ! It is too bad really, the LX-7 features have the potential to change the way people ice fish, but they need to revamp the in house QC program for it too be successful !

    • CSchmidt

      For anyone who's used the LX-7 and had issues, consider obtaining and downloading the free software upgrade. You can do it right over the Marcum website. The newest software upgrade, so far as I could tell, fixed every issue, and it has since become an awesome sonar for ice fishing.

  • outdoor furniture

    MarCum Technologies have released a very good fishing electronics. To track footprint perfectly this device seems to me very effective. I like the cool features have added in the technology and for modern era such electronics is very demanding. Thanks.

  • Nathaniel Fears

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