Derek Scott
Laramie WY
My friend and I went down the Flaming Gorge Reservoir to participate in a burbot derby. We drove down the day before at 2:30 am to try and jig up some Lakers. So we got to the lake at about 7:30 am and head out to a spot that my friend had caught fish on before. On the first drop he ended up catching a nice 5 pounder. I could see that there was fish on my flasher, but couldn’t get them to finish. After about 15 minutes I saw a big mark come on the flasher and I knew that this could be a bigger fish. It only took about 15 seconds of jigging before it took my bait. The fight was on. I was using a 28″ medium action ice rod with 8 pound momo, so this fight was slow going. I would get the fish up about 30 feet and it would go back down to the bottom. It went like this for 7 minutes or so before I got it to the hole for the first glance and then I knew I had a big one. It took another couple of minute before the fish was tired enough to bring it’s head up through the 8″ hole (should have cut two holes). My friend reached in the hole and pulled it out for me and I knew I had it iced. Measured at 35″, but we didn’t have a scale handy so we didn’t have and actual weight. One of the local biologist said it was probably around 23 pounds. After a could of photos, it was released to be caught again.
Species: Lake Trout
Date Caught: 02/08/2013
Kept / Released: Released
Region of Catch: Region 3
Length: 35
Lure / Bait used: Lure |

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