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53 inch Lac Seul-Miss September

|  November 26th, 2012 0
Mike Harnetty
Scandia Minnesota
September 18, 2012. 4:15 PM. Lac Seul, Ontario. Dark moon +3. Bright, sunny day following first heavy frost. Water temp 60 degrees.
53 inches long, 23 inch girth. Estimate weight 40+ pounds, estimate age 40+ years. She was strong and very healthy. Lure was 3 oz. Northland Booty Call, Whitefish pattern. She hit in 10 feet of water as I was raising the lure off of the bottom. I looked down and all I saw was gills, teeth and jaws as big as a steering wheel.
I was very ably assisted by good friend and net man David Suggitt of Fenelon Falls, Ontario. Between us we threw 4,000 casts to catch this fish. It was worth it.
Released. As she swam away, she and I were both wondering, “what the hell just happened?”
Species: Muskellunge
Date Caught: 09/18/2012
Kept / Released: Released
Region of Catch: Region 4
Length: 53 inches
Lure / Bait used: Lure | Whitefish pattern, 3 ounce Northland Booty Call
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