Don Sechler
Meridian ID
My partner, Robby Calhoun and I spent the day on the Columbia River near Irrigon, Oregon. We hadn’t caught anything all morning using crawler harnesses when we decided to try out jigs. We tied on 1/2 oz Reel Bait stand up jigs and one half of a Berkley Gulp! nightcrawler and simply drifted with the current. it wasn’t five minutes later when something big hit my rig. I couldn’t believe it when I hauled in this monster walleye. The 12.3 pounder was the largest walleye I have ever landed in over 30 years of fishing for this beautiful species, including numerous years on Lake Erie. I had never even landed a 10 pounder before this day. To top off the day, Robby landed a 9.14 oz walleye an hour later, which is also his largest ever too! They were the only fish we caught all day, but boy were they worth it!!
Species: Walleye
Date Caught: 04/15/2012
Kept / Released: Released
Region of Catch: Region 3
Length: 31 inches
Weight: 12
Lure / Bait used: Lure | Chartreuse, 1/2oz Jig

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