Samuel Sutherland
Appomattox VA
I’m ten years old and have been fishing since I could say “Grandpa, take me fishing.” I went to Lake Erie fishing with my Grandpa and Uncle James. We went out on a big boat and I was seasick bad the first day but the second day I was not. I caught the first one on the second day, it was 28 inches and weighed about 7 pounds. Before the day ended I had this one, 29-1/2 inches long and almost 8 pounds on Grandpas scale. I won the big fish money from everybody that day ! It was a fun trip and I want to go back.
Species: Walleye
Date Caught: 06/24/2012
Kept / Released: Kept
Region of Catch: Region 5
Length: 29-1/2 inches
Weight: 7
Lure / Bait used: Bait | nightcrawler

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