Dave Strom
Decorah Iowa
Caught this giant a couple weeks ago from a trout stream around Decorah Ia. Ended up being about half pound off the state record that was a brood trout planted into a lake. The stream where i landed this does not receive get brood browns put into it meaning this bad boy was the result of natural reproduction or grew up from a fingerling. Had gotten off work and drove past the stream and saw it was clearing up from some rain a couple days earlier so decided to make a few casts. Working the way up the stream i caught a twenty incher and eighteen so knew the browns where on. When i hooked up with this brown i knew it was in a whole different league, as soon as it was hooked it made a quick run and came up and completely out of the water. After making a couple runs for snags and coming out of the water again i was able to slide it onto the shore.
Species: Brown Trout
Date Caught: 08/06/2013
Kept / Released: Kept
Region of Catch: Region 1
Length: 29 7/8
Weight: 14
Lure / Bait used: Lure | #9 Black and silver Rapala

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