Ntomoo Lee
St. Paul Minnesota
This was going to be my second year fly fishing for the king salmon of Lake Michigan. When we finally got to the river from our six hour drive from Minnesota we could already see fish from the parking lot. As I got my waders and jacket on I was already trembling with excitment from the memories of last year. There was already some people fishing the first couple of holes so I decide to skip the crowd and head downstream. I ended up landing two nice kings about fifteen to eighteen pounds each and was already happy with that. With the sun coming up more I decided to move to a deeper hole and on my forth drift my line stop and I set the hook. My line took off and my drag was screaming, all I could do was hang on to my rod and hoped my twelve pound test line would hold. This fish wasn’t going to give up at all so I carefully played with him untill he was a little worn out but that still didnt do much. Finally after a seventeen minute fight he finally moved out of the hole and dropped down to a shallow spot but it didnt stop there. When I got a look at him I could see that it was a huge fish. This guy was thrashing and leaping out of the water like crazy, I thought all was lost because I knew my line would snap if I forced him in. Lucky me his next move would be his last, with one bolt he tried to take off down stream to the next pool but made the mistake of taking the shallow side where the river forked. The next thing I saw was this fish leaping out of the water and I for sure thought it was a goner, but it mis judged the distance actually landed on a sand bank. I ran over as fast I could and grabed it quickly, all I could think of was wow if this guy nevered tried to pull off his sucidal move I would of nevered would of got him in. I called my uncle over and he took the picture and was amazed because it was the biggest he had seen in a long time. After everything I relesed him into the pool where this fish was so desperatly trying to get to.
Species: Chinook Salmon
Date Caught: 10/20/2011
Kept / Released: Released
Region of Catch: Region 1
Length: 38 inches
Weight: 37
Lure / Bait used: Lure | UV yellow with orange spot Glo Bug

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