Doug Gartley
Pinckney MI
Species: Smallmouth Bass
Date Caught: 08/09/2011
Kept / Released: Released
Region of Catch: Region 1
Length: 21 1/2″
Weight: 4
Lure / Bait used: Lure | Black w/ blue flake Gary Yamamoto Original Senko
I was fishing the 3rd annual Anchor Bay Kayak (CPR) Fishing Tournament and caught 8 of these 20+ inch smallmouth bass. It was about a 4 mile paddle one way to reach this spot from the nearest launch location but by efforts pay off well. This one was not the largest SMB that I caught that day but the largest I was able to hold still long enough so I could snap the photo and release it safely. Needless to say I won the Bass division of the tournament with this one fish and had a great day on the water.

**(The weight was not recorded and is an est becuase this was a catch photograph and release event)

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