Largemouth Inhales Topwater
Kurtis Rudolph
Austin Texas
Species: Largemouth Bass
Date Caught: 06/03/2011
Kept / Released: Kept
Region of Catch: Region 2
Length: 21
Weight: 6
Lure / Bait used: Lure | Baby Bass 3″ Topwater
I am addicted to kayak fishing as are many folks these days, I predominately fish Central Texas Lakes for lmb, crappie, perch etc.mostly because their closest to home, however I do have a rare trip to the good old Texas coast, for redfish, trout & flounder.
On this perticular ocassion it was early in the morning on a very nice day, sunny, temps in the mid 80’s, with 5-10 mph winds. Seemed like the perfect day for fishing from my Wilderness System Ride 135, as I drifted along the banks of Lake Travis slowly working a baby bass topwater with not many takers & those that were needed to add some bulk, so they were released to catch another day. I came around this point & noticed several tree stumps cropping up out of the water, I casted adlacent to them & as soon as my topwater hit the water this 6.2lb beauty smashed it & the fight was on. This particualr fish wasn’t going to surrender easily, after what seemed like an eternity & a pretty good sleigh ride, I finally managed to bring her to the kayak.
The wonderful thing aboiut kayak fishing is the peace & tranquility you can experience at any given time out on your favorite lake.

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