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|  January 22nd, 2013 0
Katrina Arpin
Goose Creek  South Carolina
While home for the holidays we decided to go out and do some family ice fishing. With in the first couple hours, we started catching fish and then the big walleye started biting. I caught this huge 24″ walleye on Lake of the Woods in Northern Minnesota. It was the largest qalleye that I have ever caught and was 1 of 4 over 20″ Walleye’s that we pulled out of our holes that day! It was a great day of ice fishing in Northern Minnesota!!
Species: Walleye
Date Caught: 12/29/2013
Kept / Released: Released
Region of Catch: Region 1
Length: 24″
Lure / Bait used: Bait | secret
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