jefff kammerud
osceola wisconsin
it was the day of the big lake fish contest. with nearly 600 fisherman i went to the middle of the lake in 20 feet of water. using a h t ice rigger. my rod set up with 40 lb suffix with a 40 lb fluorocarbon leader tipped with a shiner minnow. sent it down 17 feet.the contest started at 10 am about 1 pm the flag tripped and line stripped from the open bail.i let it run for about 45 seconds flipped the bail and set hook the drag was singing.after about 5 minutes got the fish below the hole it made another run.when i got his head in the hole i could not grab him he went back down. this happened twice. finally the third time i got my hand under its gills and slid it on to the ice .i took it up to the weigh station it weighed 20 lbs 4 ounces what a battle.
Species: Northern Pike
Date Caught: 02/23/2013
Kept / Released: Kept
Region of Catch: Region 1
Length: 38
Weight: 20
Lure / Bait used: Bait | shinner

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