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Damiki Fishing Tackle Water Crawler

by Ned Kehde   |  October 22nd, 2013 2

When Damiki Fishing Tackle introduced their Water Crawler to the angling world at the at the 2013 International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades show in July at Las Vegas, a goodly number of finesse anglers across the Midwest were eager to get their hands on this finesse worm. In their eyes, this two egg-sack creature would work well when it was rigged wacky style on one of Damiki’s new 1/16-ounce Kaiser jig head.

Rumors across the great piscatorial grapevine proclaimed that it would begin showing up on retailers’ shelves in mid-October.

But in an e-mail on Oct. 15, Daniel Kim of Valencia, California, who is Damiki’s Director of Sale Marketing, said that the Water Crawler will not be sold in the United States and Canada.  It will be available only in Korea.

A couple ardent finesse anglers said that they were thinking about writing a petition Damika’s office, asking them to reconsider their decision and sell it in the U.S.

Anglers,  who want to send a petition to Damiki about this issues, can send it to 26017 Huntington LN Unit D, Valencia, California, 91355.

  • Mark Orlicky

    Looks good, Ned! Happy you’re keeping all of us informed about these new items!

    • Ned Kehde

      We are pleased to post these blogs that feature new baits and tackle that Midwest finesse anglers might use.
      Please keep in touch and tell us about new baits and equipment that we should feature in these short gear guides.
      Best wishes,

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