Gary Yamamoto designed the three-inch Saltwater Shrimp to be affixed his Saltwater Round Ball Jighead for pursuing various saltwater denizens,  such as redfish, flounder, speckled trout and other inshore species. It is part of Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits’ saltwater series.

But some Midwest finesse anglers might be interested in affixing it to a 1/16- or 3/32-ounce Gopher Tackle Mushroom Head Jig and catching largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass with it. Other finesse anglers might try on a split-shot rig.

The Saltwater Shrimp is available in five colors: clear with black flecks, blue pearl with black and hologram flecks, rootbeer with black and green flecks, baby bass,  and watermelon with purple and green flecks.

There are 10 shrimp per package, and the retail price is $5.19.

Yamamota’s saltwater series also includes a four-inch Saltwater Grub and 3 1/2-inch  Saltwater Ika. For more information about these items, please see:



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