Jackall has created a new finesse swimbait called the Glossy Shad.

It is 3.8 inches long and features an opaque body and a semi-translucent boot or thumper tail.  It’s skin or outer layer is emblazon with an illuminating and radiating sheen, which provokes some observers to call it a resplendent bait.

The tail section between the boot and the body is thin, which helps to magnify the vibration of the body and kicking action of the boot.

Finesse anglers can rig it on a drop-shot rig. It will also works well on a variety of umbrella rigs. Midwest finesse anglers can affix it to a 3/32-ounce Gopher Tackle Mushroom Head Jig.

It is available six color combinations: baby bass, ghost minnow, orange belly bluegill, silver shad, Tennessee shad and threadfin shad.

The suggested retail price for a  package of six is $9.99.

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