Rein’s Fat Rockvibe Shad is a fatter rendition of its Rockvibe Shad, which is a popular finesse bait in Japan and some locales in the United States.

The fat and flat torso of the four-inch Fat Rockvibe Shadl is divided into three segments. Its thin tail is encircled with eight rings, and the end of its tail is graced with a big boot, which some folks call a paddle.

The Fat Rockvibe Shad can be rigged weightless on a extra-wide-gap worm hook, which will allow an angler to employ it on or near the surface. Most Midwest finesse anglers, however, will prefer to affix to a jig and present like a grub or small swimbait.

During a retrieve, its unique tail and  body configuration creates a lot of commotion, and on some retrieves, it generates a bubble trail. Some anglers contend that bubbles allure species such as largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass.

The four-inch Fat Rockvide Shad is manufactured in the following colors: watermelon seed, green pumpkin, moebi, blue gill, ghost pro blue, green pumpkin allstars, pearl white, clear pearl silver, gold legend, clear pearl black flakes, watermelon shad, miso shad, blue pearl, sardine, glow silver and baby gill.

They are infused with shrimp scent and salt.

The suggested retail price for package of six four-inchers is $7.99.

For more information, please see Reins’ Web site at



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