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Finesse News Network’s Gear Guide: Savage Gear’s Soft 4 Play Swimbait

by Ned Kehde   |  September 13th, 2012 2
The torso of the 3 3/4-inch Savage Gear Soft 4 Play Swimbait is embellished with two joints that were designed to provide a lifelike swimming action. Its soft-plastic body is durable, and it is graced with realistic gill plates and scales, as well as three-dimensional eyes.  Its body shape is a composite of a variety of baitfish.

Midwest finesse anglers can rig it on a jig and employ it as they normally use a grub.

It is available in the following hues: Dirty Silver,  Fungus Roach, Pearl Silver, Rainbow Smolt and  Real Herring. The photograph above features the Fungus Roach hue.

A package of four can be purchased for $8.99.

  • Josh

    Just wanted to mention (if I am not mistaken…) that there will be a few more rather interesting / realistic color options available as exclusives thru The detail of these patterns look to be rather well-rendered. There is an ICAST 2012 video available showcasing these forthcoming options.

    – Josh

    • nkehde

      Thanks for the update.

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