Strike King Bait Company bills its five-inch KVD Fat Baby Finesse Worm as being bigger than the normal finesse worm. Its torso is rather corpulent,  as is its tail.  The larger diameter of its body allows anglers to employ it on bigger tackle.  In other words, it is a power angler’s finesse bait.

Strike King says its portly tail displaces a significant amount of water, which creates a very tantalizing action.

It was designed to be affixed to a big shaky head jig.  It also can be used on  drop-shot and Jika rigs.  Midwest finesse anglers  can shorten it a tad, and then they can fasten it to their traditional Gopher Tackle Mushroom Head Jig as they have done with Strike King’s ElaZtech seven-inch Finesse Worm and Zero since 2006.  Midwest finesse anglers normally trim about two inches off the head of the seven-inch Finesse Worm,  and they cut the Zero in half, which makes it 2 1/2 inchs long.

This worm isn’t manufactured out of ElaZtech. Instead it is made with a product that Strike King calls Perfect Plactic.  It is infused with salt and Strike King’s coffee scent.

This is one of Kevin Van Dam's favorite Fat Baby Finesse Worms. It is a green-pumpkin with purple and gold flakes. Van Dam affixed this Fat Baby Finesse Worm to an 1/8-ounce Strike King Bait Company's Football Jig, which he employs with a shaky-head retrieve.

It is created in the following colors: Candy Craw, Dirt, Double Header, Green Pump Purple/Gold, Green Pump Sapphire, Green Pumpkin, Honey Candy, Honey Candy, Watermelon, and Watermelon Red Flake.

A package of 12 can be purchased for $4.95


Strike King’s Dream Shot was introduced at the 2012 ICAST show. We wrote a blog about it in October of 2011. To read about it, please see our In-Fisherman blog at

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