Nathan Parker of Tulsa, Oklahoma, wrote:  “Pretty excited about this bait. Will definitely be ordering a few packs to throw in a jighead and on dropshot, maybe even on a slider football head. Any idea when this will be available to consumers?”

Daniel Nussbaum, who’s general manager and executive vice president of Z-Man Fishing Products, said “the LeechZ should be available by the end of July. ”

We attempted to reply to Parker’s comment on the originial blog, but the new Web site would not allow me to utter a reply. To get around this problem, we posted this short update.

Please bear with us during this transitional phase.

In addition, this is the season when many tackle companies introduce new baits. Thus, we will write several blogs about some of those baits  during the next few months.  Midwest finesse anglers primarily wield soft-plastic baits affixed to a jigs, but as the ranks of Midwest anglers has grown in recent years, there are scores of finesse anglers who also wield small crankbaits, spinnerbaits and jerkbaits. Therefore, we will focus on some of those baits.

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