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Mondo Tackle’s FinnS Mondo Jig

by Ned Kehde   |  October 11th, 2013 1

On Oct. 4, Casey Kidder who is a veteran Midwest finesse angler fromTopeka, Kansas, filed a note on the Finesse News Network about Mondo Tackle’s new 1/16-ounce Finn S Mondo Jigs.

Kidder said it was designed for Midwest finesse applications, such as affixing it to a 2 1/2-inch Z-Man’s Fishing Products’ ZinkerZ. Kidder also noted that a weedless version might be in the offing, which will appeal to finesse anglers who ply brush-filled waterways.

The hook size is a No. 1. There are three brands of hooks to choose from: Mustad, Owner and Sohumi. It is available in one color, which is chartreuse, or unpainted.

A package of 12 chartreuse or unpainted Mustad 1/16-ounce Finn S jigs retails for $10.68, a package of 12 chartreuse or unpainted Sohumi 1/16-ounce Finn S jigs retails for $8.28; a package of 12 chartreuse or unpainted Owner 1/16-ounce Finn S jigs retails for $11.88.

Mondo has an 1/8-ounce Finn S jig, which is a tad too heavy for most Midwest finesse applications, but some finesse anglers might find the 1/8-ouncer useful for working with a four-inch single-tail grub.

For more information, anglers can talk to Raymond Bates at 1-877-293-2550, or they can examine Mondo’s Web site at



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