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Idaho Girl Ices World Record Perch

by Dan Johnson 5

When 12-year-old Tia Wiese landed a behemoth yellow perch last March on Idaho’s Cascade Lake, she hoped it would break… more »


Ice Fishing Deep Perch

by Dan Johnson 1

Portly yellow perch fuel our hardwater dreams. But fish pushing two pounds are as real as you and me. Catching… more »


SD Dry Lake Jumbo Perch & Walleye

by Jeff Simpson 0

One of the hottest lakes going for Master Angler yellow perch along with lots of walleyes. Prior to the 1990s,… more »

Perch Locations

Best Perch Locations

by Steve Quinn 0

Here’s a look at some of the best perch locations in the United States and Canada. Whether your looking for… more »


A Plan for Early Season Perch

by Dennis Foster 0

Early season perch location is dependent on where they’re going to spawn. A few primary patterns are prevalent in most lakes… more »


5 Fantastic Panfish Float Rigs

by Matt Straw 2

In 1496, Dame Juliana Berners wrote about drilling corks to use for “flotes” in Treatyse of Fysshynge With an Angle…. more »


Spring Into Summer Perch Fishing

by Matt Straw 0

Imagine perch fishing as a spiritual quest. Would it involve ritual fires climbing into a black sky, and men dancing… more »


Great Lakes Perch Boom

by Steve Ryan 2

It’s nice to be the bearer of good news, and when it comes to Great Lakes perch, there’s plenty to… more »


Understanding Perch Diets

by Noel Vick 0

Perch really do go on and off their diets. At times they eat sparingly, as though they’re fasting for a… more »


Never Fail Panfish Patterns

by Matt Straw 0

Classic fishing patterns can be counted on year-after-year. Classic panfish patterns tend to be defined or augmented by environmental conditions… more »


The Ice Fishing Perch Search

by Matt Straw 0

The screen lights up. Missiles are launched and heading your way. Space Invaders? In that game, missiles rain from the… more »


Catching Perch In Fall

by Dan Johnson 0

Mid- to late fall typically finds few perch anglers on the water, but nonetheless offers ample options for diehards willing… more »


UV and Perch Spawning

by In-Fisherman 0

Yellow perch typically spawn when temperatures at spawning depth range from 45°F to 50°F, as females produce an accordion-like gelatinous… more »


Ice Fishing Perch With Dave Genz

by Matt Straw 0

  In a crowded cocktail party, a familiar man pulls you aside and says, “Big perch are making a comeback.”… more »


Ice Fishing Perch

by Jeff Simpson 1

One Perch at a Time Finding perch and which lures and baits trigger them is the driving force for many… more »


Fishing Ice Perch

by Doug Stange 0

I approach ice fishing perch through the ice the opposite of shopping for groceries. I never shop for groceries on… more »

Miss BWater Perch

Perch Fishing The Mississippi Backwaters

by Matt Straw 0

In the center is Stanley Von Ruden, on the left is is son Kyle, and to the right is our… more »


Finding Jumbo Perch

by Matt Straw 1

Alchemy was, most famously, all about turning lead to gold. During the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment, it was… more »


“Old School” Perch

by Joe Balog 2

In today’s age of new-wave ice fishing tactics, sometimes going old school is the best way to fill a bucket…. more »

IG 700%

Tricking Ice Perch

by In-Fisherman 0

Drop-shotting through the ice can be extremely productive, though few anglers do it. Getting ice perch to rise up forces… more »

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