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Fishing From Shore: Muskies

by Matt Straw 0

Carefully keeping brush and leaves between yourself and the stream, you read the water. Any spot where you can’t see… more »


Big Tube Baits For Pike and Muskie

by Matt Straw 0

The parade for the Super Bowl champion New York Giants was miles long. Nice. But the parade that rattles, flashes,… more »


Small Lures For Muskies

by Dan Johnson 0

Big baits are a staple of the muskie trade, and for good reason. After all, the mantra “big lure, big… more »


Researching Trophy Muskie Fisheries

by Steve Ryan 0

In this electronic age, eyes and ears are everywhere. Minutes after a noteworthy event occurs, texts, tweets, postings, emails, and… more »

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Best Way To Catch Muskie: Cast or Troll?

by Steve Ryan 0

The question of whether to cast or troll for muskies often draws strong opinions. Most anglers have a preference, and… more »


The World’s Mightiest Muskie Waters

by Matt Straw 0

Glowing shades of blue like a barracuda sliding toward the boat came a giant muskie. One of those follows you… more »


Top Muskie Fishing Experts Reveal Secrets

by Cory Schmidt 0

In the Land of 10,000 Lakes and nearly as many fishing guides, muskie fishing expert Jeff Andersen has distinguished himself… more »


Open Water Muskie Trolling Tactics

by In-Fisherman 1

No-man’s land. It was, in World War I, that ugly area between the trenches — scraggly trees, boulders, artillery craters,… more »


Trolling Muskies

by In-Fisherman 0

Proper boat control is the most important part of the trolling equation, which is all about keeping lures in the… more »


Fish Release: Muskies Survive

by In-Fisherman 0

Conservation Concerns—Despite the popularity of muskie angling throughout the Midwest and eastern Canada, little is known about the sub-lethal and… more »

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Trolling Muskies Produces Giants!

by In-Fisherman 3

Trolling muskies with In-Fisherman contributor and Guide Bret Alexander. Trolling Muskies

World Record Muskie

New World Record Muskie

by In-Fisherman 16

Some of the most beautiful country anywhere in North America surrounds Lake Bellaire, in Antrim County, Michigan. The land of… more »


Top Big Muskie Fishing Spots And Tactics

by Doug Johnson with Doug Stange 0

Preceding the present large crop of outstanding muskie anglers were fishermen like Doug Johnson, Mark Windels, Dick Pearson, and a… more »

Muskie #3

Muskie Tackle And Stuff

by In-Fisherman 0

Doug Johnson, Lake of the Woods guide and longtime In-Fisherman contributor. #1. The Frabill lure retriever. A great tool to… more »


Trolling For Muskies Right Now

by In-Fisherman 0

Larry Lucas, Omaha, Nebraska, observed that on a trip to Minnesota right after the muskie opener in June, he saw… more »


Dissecting Edges for Pike and Muskie

by Dr. Rob Neumann 4

A Precision Swimbait System for Muskies and Pike     Weedlines—the mother of all edges. On one side, open water…. more »


Grinding Gears For Peak Period Muskie

by Cory Schmidt 0

Occasionally, sublime early fall days pass with nary another boat in sight. The end to family vacations and reconvening school… more »


Beyond Traditional Pike Spoon Tactics

by Doug Stange 0

Spoons fish well because they offer weight for casting, even into wind and on heavier tackle, and rarely, if ever,… more »

One favorite tactic is to tweak classic spinnerbaits by changing blade size and blade design.

Muskie Fishing Pressure Personified

by Cory Schmidt 0

Pressured Muskies In muskie fishing on busy waters, the fish-to-angler ratio shrinks to the narrowest of margins. We used to… more »

> Pike funneling through cuts and pinchpoints to reach spawning areas often means great action for shore anglers.

Rediscovering Ice-Out Pike

by Cory Schmidt 0

  Somewhere in each of our childhoods lays a singular event, in the case of most hardcore anglers a certain… more »

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