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Muskie Pike & Muskie

Trolling Muskies Produces Giants!

by In-Fisherman   |  April 17th, 2013 3

Trolling muskies with In-Fisherman contributor and Guide Bret Alexander.

Trolling Muskies

  • gene hexom

    Hi Jeff — got the info on this from your father. I'm very impressed with your work and so glad you are doing what you love. From your old mentor — Mayor Gene Hexom, Madison, SD.


    i think those fish are amazing you do what you love and that`s awesome could you give me any advise on what pike and muskie holidays are available and how to book them up for a predetor fisherman like me from the uk im looking to come broad to catch some pike and muskie of a life time mail me at thank you and on a last note what rapala lures and coloures are the best pike and muskie lures thank you from JONATHAN

  • Hunter Brooke

    Hi Jeff. Them are some really nice fish! way bigger than i catch at my age of 14 and on Baby lake MN ha ha! We troll for muskie quite a bit and that is how we have caught most of are fish. I do not believe we have caught a Muskie over like 3o inches (they are not very big on baby) Are 2nd best tactic we use out there is pullin buck tails super fast over weed beds! Which is a classic method but still is proly the top producing method and probably the easiest. The other tactic that I use quit a bit that i learned from Jeremy from Lindner Media Productions a few years ago, and that is the throughback tactic. And for me that is either a Suick or glide bait somethin slow and that has produced. last year(2012) I caught my biggest muskie on a cowgirl on Baby lake and it was like 30+ in. aswell. I really do enjoy fishing muskie even though im pretty new to this side of predator fishing. I started muskie fishing about 4 years ago and have really improved my equipment and my Technique. Awsome Video hope to here from ya sometime that would be really cool!!

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