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Pike On The Fly

Pike On The Fly

by Josh Bourn 0

Even big sullen pike often can’t resist eating the right fly hovering over they’re heads.

Select Lure Options for Giant Pike

Select Lure Options for Giant Pike

by Josh Bourn 0

And handful of lure options produce big pike early in the season.

Early Summer Pike Patterns

Early Summer Pike Patterns

by Josh Bourn 0

Predictable Summer pike patterns often develop early in bays with emerging weeds and pods of baitfish.


Sunset Country Multispecies Ice Fishing Magic

by Jeff Gustafson 0

The tremendous ice fishing opportunities that exist in Northwest Ontario’s Sunset Country have been well documented by In-Fisherman. The region… more »

Steve Ryan with a fish from Green Bay, which gives up a fair share of giant fish to big lures.

Big Muskie Baits: Wretched Excess Or Enlightened Response?

by Steve Ryan 0

Wrapping up a decade of excess, the Dow Jones rocketed to more than 14,000, only to free fall to levels… more »


Talkin Pike Spoons

by Jack Penny 1

In the last 38 years of traveling to fish for big pike, I’ve never boarded a boat without a good… more »


Tricks for Topwater Pike Fishing

by Dan Johnson 0

Trophy pike hunters devote ample attention to time-tested programs. Sashaying soft plastics and slender minnowbaits through fast-warming shallows is a… more »


Top Picks for Canadian Shield Pike

by Jeff Gustafson 0

Northwestern Ontario’s Sunset Country Region, north of the Minnesota border, has long been known as a top destination for pike…. more »


Giant Pike Waters

by Steve Quinn 0

Over the centuries, big pike have fueled anglers’ dreams, from the legendary monsters prowling Scottish lochs or inhabiting the moats… more »


Pike Quick Strike Rigs

by Rob Neumann 0

In-Fisherman first introduced pike quick strike rigs, about 30 years ago, working off the elaborate European designs that were virtually… more »

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