Alaska is a dream destination, the more so for anglers seeking the Yukon River pike – biggest pike in all of North America. The Yukon River is one of the best places on the continent for a shot at pike over 48 inches, with a good shot at a 50-incher. With Midnight Sun Trophy Pike Adventures on the fabled Yukon, you fish out of a strategically stationed house boat base camp, with comfortable quarters and meals to match any fine lodge, far beyond the trail of other anglers. From Anchorage anglers fly west 300 miles to Aniak (an’-nee-ack). Yukon pike live long, grow large, and prosper on abundant baitfish. Anglers can enjoy either fly-fishing or fishing with conventional tackle. Catch the action on In-Fisherman TV in 2017.

Contact: Midnight Sun Trophy Pike Adventures, 917/717-3722,

Yukon River Pike

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