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Bass Status

by Steve Quinn   |  July 11th, 2011 1


Though I can scarcely comprehend time’s swift passage, 2011 marks the 15th edition of In-Fisherman’s annual Bass Guide. We’ve come a long way. This edition, one of seven annuals we now publish, has transformed from a status report to a full-blown editorial revelation of the hottest tackle and craftiest techniques.

We’re also happy to present the third volume in the In-Fisherman Critical Concepts Largemouth Bass series of books, this one focused on presentation, published last summer. It highlights proven techniques and novel tricks with all sorts of lures, rigs, and tackle to help anglers everywhere catch more fish. And as I write this column, our 2011 In-Fisherman television season is cued up, due to start the first weekend of the year. Covering as always a variety of species, it includes plenty of hot action and helpful advice for catching largemouth and smallmouth bass. Check for channels and times at

In the world of bass fishing, the sale of Bass Angler’s Sportsman Society to Jerry McKinnis’ group by ESPN seems positive for long-time BASS members as well as tournament anglers. McKinnis’ lifelong love of fishing and decades in television production promise good things for grass-roots bassers as well as pros and those who aspire to be pros.

FLW Outdoors also has a new management team as well as strong financial backing from heavyweights like Walmart and the National Guard to promote the sport, as well as their stable of pros and sponsors. The company has signed a contract for Lindner Media, owned by In-Fisherman founders Al and Ron Lindner, to film their bass and walleye tournaments.

That said, the economy continues to cough and sputter like that old motor on your first boat, not really wanting to get anywhere fast. Consumers are understandably careful about purchases, and many companies have limited promotional budgets, including advertising. We cling to hopeful signs and rely on In-Fisherman’s loyal audience and industry allies for support in our mission to help anglers catch more fish and enjoy their experiences even more, while passing along this love of fishing to the next generation.

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  • Kyle Tinny

    This is good news that even a stagnant economy we still have the opportunities for angling and all that it entails. It's awesome to see that the Lindner's are still going strong and the same goes for In-Fisherman. I like Steve learned how to fish on my own and it has been the best learning experience of my life. Being in the trades for 6 years and leaving them to finish my degree has been difficult financially but has been part of my saving grace in keeping my sanity. I may not have the money that I once had to buy the latest equipment and so forth, but I have learned to experiment and perfect the plethora of baits I do have in my bag. I guess my point is that it's encouraging to see that we can all still enjoy the sport we love even in hard times. After all, it's about just being out there at the end of the day, and that doesn't cost a thing.

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