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Hook Tips For Lake Trout Trips

by Matt Straw 0

When surface temperatures cool to somewhere in the vicinity of the 60°F mark in fall, lake trout begin staging around… more »


Walking A Tight Llne For Steelhead

by Matt Straw 0

Notice how red the tag alder is? Mornings have been cold, but the afternoon sun is activating plant growth, creating… more »


Dancing With The Chocolate Beast (High Water In Steelhead Country)

by Matt Straw 1

Rivers are climbing over their banks and invading our forests at the behest of the Chocolate Beast. The Beast comes… more »


Steelhead: 5 Reasons For Floats Early

by Matt Straw 0

Reason #1: Scenes like this one. Releasing multiple silver dynamos like this girl, fresh from the big water, is all… more »


Twist-Free Bluegills (On Ice)

by Matt Straw 0

Fishing vertically with light line and light jigs  creates line twist. Right? You reel in, the jig spins. You drop… more »

IMG_8939 2

Bluegills Crave That Quiver Thing

by Matt Straw 0

Bluegills exhibit exotic and varied color schemes. Never ceases to amaze me how many different patterns can be seen in… more »


Clock Ticking Down On Late-Ice Bluegills

by Matt Straw 0

Looking at my photo library and fishing logs from last year at this time, I see we were running the… more »


How Fast Is A Steelhead?

by Matt Straw 0

Not a big specimen, by anyone’s standards, but look how pristine and healthy she is. Steelhead from Lake Superior seldom… more »


A River Too Far

by Matt Straw 0

This shot was taken about 24 hours ago, as I write this on April 24. We ventured up to the… more »


When Winter Ignores The Exit Cue

by Matt Straw 0

April is two thirds gone and we just received 12 inches of fresh snow overnight. That storm came on the… more »

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