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The Best Season

by Matt Straw   |  October 1st, 2012 0

The thing about fall is, the fish just keep getting bigger every day. No wonder it’s my favorite time of year.

It’s a great time to chase trout in lakes. Pushed deep by warm surface temperatures during summer, trout begin cruising the shallows again. Now is when those 7- to 10-pound holdovers come out to play, and it’s not unusual to catch your biggest brown or rainbow of the year on a big suspending bait worked parallel to shore.

Fall is the best time to hunt muskies. Big pike, too. Some come in from the depths, some move out from the shallows, they meet on the deep weed edges and rocky breaks in a festival of teeth.

The biggest smallmouths in the system, the ones that weren’t biting all that well in August, are suddenly jumping in the boat.

Bruiser walleyes come stalking through the shallows at night, where thinning weeds offer less cover for all those nervous baitfish.

Largemouth bass congregate on deep weedlines in natural lakes and I look forward to cranking up my biggest specimens of the year in October.

Bluegills and crappies are totally overlooked this time of year.

October is a roller coaster. You’re better off settling in on one species, following them through the condition changes and learning their movements. If you can figure out how to make yourself do that, drop me a note and tell me how.




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