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Speed Jigging Bluegills

by Cory Schmidt 7

  It’s ICAST, the fishing industry’s annual big tackle show, 2011, and I’m sitting across a table from two Latvians… more »


Bluegills North and South

by Noel Vick 0

The Mason Dixon Line wasn’t so clearcut. Yes, by and large, the Civil War’s line in the sand was drawn… more »


The Bluegill Connection For Ice Walleyes

by In-Fisherman 5

“Seek ye first forage to find ice walleyes,” is one of the Walleye In-Sider staff’s guiding principles. Never is this… more »


Dipping and Deadsticking Prespawn Bluegills

by Will Brantley 1

  Crappies are widely popular for southern anglers during those first warm days in March. After all, 50°F water means… more »

Properly tipped horizontal hangers like Dave Genz’s beloved Lindy Fat Boy are deadly quivered in place for tight-lipped ‘gills and other pans.

Panfish Sideways

by Dan Johnson 0

    A surprisingly warm winter sun tempers the north wind’s sting as Dave Genz and crew auger a string… more »

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