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Ice Fishing Walleyes

by Doug Stange 0

So many lures, so little time. And with so little time, so much worry about choosing the right lure, given… more »

Water Clarity

Water Clarity For Winter Walleyes

by Jeff Gustafson 0

  No water in North America receives more attention from winter walleye anglers than massive Lake of the Woods. This… more »

Ice Fishing River Walleyes

Ice Fishing River Walleyes

by Dan Johnson 0

Of all the factors that can affect winter walleye location and behavior—and thus dictate where you drill and how you… more »

Finding Giant Crappies

Find Giant Crappies

by Gord Pyzer 1

  A celebrated scene in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid has the two outlaws, enjoying a carefree… more »

Winter Ice Conditions

Winter Ice Conditions

by Steve Quinn 0

  A newly frozen lake shimmers like a mirror in the morning sun. Up close, that mirror becomes a window… more »

Ice Fishing Giant Whitefish

Ice Fishing Giant Whitefish

by Gord Pyzer 0

The In-Fisherman formula—Fish + Location + Presentation=Success—is the most fish-savvy concept ever developed, because the prescription provides an unbeatable blueprint… more »


Crappie Ice Fishing Extremes

by Gord Pyzer 0

My best day ever for crappies is etched in memory, in part because it was an April Fool’s Day, now… more »


Best Ice Auger Options

by Dan Johnson 0

Augers punch our portals to the world beneath the ice. Thankfully, never before have hardwater warriors had so many fast-slicing,… more »

Ice Fishing Spoons

Ice Fishing Spoons-Tinkering For Perfection

by Lonnie King 2

Jigging Spoons   Fast and flashy, spoons drive through slush-filled holes, get to bottom fast and draw fish off all… more »

Perch Baits

Primal Perch Baits

by Joe Balog 0

Great Perch Baits   I fish for yellow perch on portions of the Great Lakes. About 80 days a year,… more »

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