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Ice Fishing Largemouth Bass

by Cory Schmidt 0

Putting an icy liplock on a butterball bass, you get the feeling that the species doesn’t much care for the… more »


Staying Warm While Ice Fishing

by In-Fisherman 0

By: In-Fisherman In-Fisherman Editor In Chief Doug Stange has, while filming Ice Fishing Guide TV, spent at least 40 days… more »


Whitefish: Ice Fishing

by In-Fisherman 0

How they bitin’?” called the driver of an ATV as he hitched a portable ice shelter to the back of… more »


Speed Jigging Bluegills

by Cory Schmidt 7

  It’s ICAST, the fishing industry’s annual big tackle show, 2011, and I’m sitting across a table from two Latvians… more »


Tip Up Ice Fishing Pike

by Matt Straw 0

  Bottom of the fourth, no score. Tip-up on the mound with Petrowske on first. Check that. He’s on his… more »


Ice Fishing Retro Walleyes

by Dennis Foster 3

Bold is better than bashful when it comes to the use of livebait to tempt big walleyes. I use a… more »


Winter Trout: Cold Steel and Frigid Browns

by Steve Ryan 0

Just as during the open-water season, current provides food, oxygen, and defines movement routes for winter trout. Steelheads and browns… more »


Bad To The Bone: The Rigger

by Doug Stange 0

It isn’t quite Ice Road Truckers in action, but being on the road for 40 days last winter, traveling to… more »


Working The Ice Fishing Crowd

by Dan Johnson 0

For paradise on ice, few scenarios beat having a sizeable slice of some remote, fish-laden water all to yourself. But… more »


“Old School” Perch

by Joe Balog 2

In today’s age of new-wave ice fishing tactics, sometimes going old school is the best way to fill a bucket…. more »


Crappie Fishing Extremes

by Gord Pyzer 0

My best day ever for crappies is etched in memory, in part because it was an April Fool’s Day, now… more »


Ice Fishing Walleye: Clackers On Ice

by Gord Pyzer 0

Maybe Bryan Adams said it best in his song, There Will Never Be Another Tonight: You gotta ride your broom… more »


Bluegills North and South

by Noel Vick 0

The Mason Dixon Line wasn’t so clearcut. Yes, by and large, the Civil War’s line in the sand was drawn… more »


This season’s Top 5 Ice Fishing Power Augers

by In-Fisherman 5

Your Best Friend Never have power augers been so reliable and so efficient. The In-Fisherman staff puts them all through… more »


Big Water, Big Trout

by Tom Gruenwald 0

Natives called Lake Superior The Gitche Gumee—The Big Water. Ice anglers call it Opportunity— Monster lake trout. Brown trout. Plus… more »


Jigging Spoons-Tinkering For Perfection

by Lonnie King 2

Jigging Spoons   Fast and flashy, spoons drive through slush-filled holes, get to bottom fast and draw fish off all… more »

Joe Balog suggests starting with aggressive presentation options like the Jigging Rapala.

Primal Perch Baits

by Joe Balog 0

Great Perch Baits   I fish for yellow perch on portions of the Great Lakes. About 80 days a year,… more »

Author Jeff  Gustafson offers  principles for  finding and  catching walleyes based on  water-clarity conditions.

Walleye Water Clarity Rules

by Jeff Gustafson 0

  No water in North America receives more attention from winter walleye anglers than massive Lake of the Woods. This… more »


Walleye Tipping Tips & Tricks

by In-Fisherman 0

  1) In-Fisherman Editor In Chief Doug Stange first suggested in the seminal In-Fisherman book, Ice Fishing Secrets, that constantly… more »

Properly tipped horizontal hangers like Dave Genz’s beloved Lindy Fat Boy are deadly quivered in place for tight-lipped ‘gills and other pans.

Panfish Sideways

by Dan Johnson 0

    A surprisingly warm winter sun tempers the north wind’s sting as Dave Genz and crew auger a string… more »

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