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Ice Fishing Big Walleyes

Ice Fishing Big Walleyes

by Gord Pyzer 0

Walleyes In Big Water   “Big walleye” is a relative term. So, too, is a big walleye lake. For a… more »

Spring Bobbers

Spring Bobbers Solutions

by Cory Schmidt 1

Spring Bobbers The first spring tips were made from the coiled wire removed from ballpoint pens. Anglers used various methods… more »

Ice Fishing Panfish Baits

Small Ice Fishing Panfish Baits

by Matt Straw 1

The race is on to see who can make the tiniest jigs and bits of soft bait you will be… more »


Where To Catch Perch

by Jeff Simpson 0

  Jumbo perch draw a crowd. Anglers across the ice belt travel hundreds of miles to get in on the… more »

Ice Fishing Tip Ups

Ice Fishing Tip Ups

by Jeff Simpson 0

Modern tip ups are designed to suspend baits at the depth where fish are holding, indicate bites, and allow the… more »


“Old School” Perch

by Joe Balog 2

In today’s age of new-wave ice fishing tactics, sometimes going old school is the best way to fill a bucket…. more »


Top Ice Fishing Panfish Spots

by In-Fisherman 2

What value can be placed on a 1-pound bluegill or a 2-pound crappie? Not in dollars and cents, but in… more »


Understanding Winter Crappies

by Gord Pyzer 4

Winter crappie anglers would be wise to remember that the In-Fisherman formula for fishing success (Fish + Location + Presentation… more »

Ice Fishing Soft Plastic

Ice Fishing Soft Plastic Lures

by In-Fisherman 0

A dying plastic minnow, shining and flickering in the golden light below, draws the attention of ­bottom-hugging perch, drawing them… more »

Lipless crankbaits call in and trigger large, aggressive predators.

Quick Tips For Ice Fishing Lake Trout

by Jeff Gustafson 0

  In Northwest Ontario, anglers count down the days in December, not to Christmas, but to the January 1 ice… more »

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