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Ice Fishing Soft Plastic

Ice Fishing Soft Plastic Lures

by In-Fisherman 0

A dying plastic minnow, shining and flickering in the golden light below, draws the attention of ­bottom-hugging perch, drawing them… more »

Lipless crankbaits call in and trigger large, aggressive predators.

Quick Tips For Ice Fishing Lake Trout

by Jeff Gustafson 0

  In Northwest Ontario, anglers count down the days in December, not to Christmas, but to the January 1 ice… more »


Lake Trout Fishing On Ice

by In-Fisherman 0

Through the crystalline haze of particles thrown up by the machines ahead, a frozen world speeds by. Cracked granite bluffs… more »


Cutbait Kings

by Matt Straw 0

At the first hint of autumn, kings return to reclaim their roost, a blustering horde of silver that shoulders into… more »


Great Lake Trout Trends

by Matt Straw 0

Long before salmon reigned as king, lake trout ruled North America’s largest lakes. Before Columbus, Native Americans plied the Great… more »


Big Water, Big Trout

by Tom Gruenwald 0

Natives called Lake Superior The Gitche Gumee—The Big Water. Ice anglers call it Opportunity— Monster lake trout. Brown trout. Plus… more »


Ice Fishing Country, Ice Fishing Passion

by Doug Stange 0

ICE FISHING   Even in an age where dozens of fishing shows play weekly on TV, In-Fisherman’s Ice Fishing Guide… more »


Ice Fishing Trout In Stocked Locations

by Chris Hoffman 1

  Rainbows, browns, cutthroats, brookies. Strong fighting, coldwater species, often active—if not fiercely aggressive—throughout winter. That’s not to say these… more »

Illustrated by Larry Tople

Too Large For A 10-Inch Hole: Ice Fishing Hole Size

by Doug Stange 1

Ice Fishing   Some of the most memorable fish are those that barely make it through a big hole. Three… more »

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